Branding 101
14 Dec 2018

Does Emotional Intelligence Have a Place in Public

While we all agree that PR is a management function that establishes and maintains two-way,

30 Nov 2018

Does Emotional Intelligence Have a Place in Public

I began to think about emotional competence for public relations (PR) specialists some years ago

21 Nov 2018

Corporate Social Investment – A Forward Thinking Brand

Brand activism is how brands consistently promote and intervene with reforms that will impact the

17 Sep 2018


Public Relations consultants and firms help companies to disseminate information by helping them to find

12 Sep 2018

Indomie beats others, wins ‘Most Chosen Brand’ award

  Nigeria’s number one noodles brand, Indomie Instant noodles, from the stables of Dufil Prima

19 Jul 2018

Discover Your Brand Truth

How to discover your WHY It seems that splitting up topics are becoming a thing.

22 Jun 2018

How to appeal to everyone with your brand

He walks into your office, with an air of importance, wearing an oversized suit and

11 Jun 2018

What Branding is Not

Imagine you see a shirtless guy with dreadlocks, puffing on a comically large cigarette, trousers