We are expert storytellers!! Visual content is increasingly important for communicating in the digital age

Publication Management

BD Consult offers top notch solution in print publications such as Newsletters, Magazines and In-house

BDC Daily Media Update

Our daily media tracking and monitoring service helps to inform and keep you updated daily

Crisis Management

No company welcomes a crisis and no organization is immune to it but our crisis

Strategic Alliance

We are creative thinkers and problem solvers!! With research-driven insights, we constantly scan the environment for

Consumers/Stakeholders Engagement

At BDC, there is no such thing as “small event” we approach all events with

Digital PR

Communication has transcend from just traditional media platforms (TV, Radio, Print) to digital platforms (blogs,

Media Training

Facing a media interview is more challenging than ever, we make sure that you are

Media Relations

Effective media relations and outreach is not just about getting placements on TV/radio stations, newspapers,

Perception Analysis

Every communication process has the sole aim of influencing the perception of your critical stakeholders. We